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Monday, 27 July 2015

Exclusive: Barun Sobti talks about his movies, John Abraham and Indian marriages PINKVILLA MAG May 22, 2014

The good looking and heart throb of several female fans Barun Sobti is ready to embark a new journey of his career. TV actor turned Bollywood actor Barun has recently finished the shooting of his film 'Satra Ko Shaadi Hai'. This movie is produced by John Abraham who also gave break to TV personality Ayushman Khurana, now a well-known name in Bollywood as well.
Barun Sobti talks to Pinkvilla about his upcoming movies, working with John Abraham and his take on Indian marriages. Here are the excerpts from the interview-
Tell us something about your role in 'Satra Ko Shaadi Hai'?
Well, I play a regular IT Professional guy from Mumbai. My character is very similar to any current day boy you would meet.
How did you get selected for this role? Did Shoojit saw any of your work before?
I had auditioned with the casting director of the film (Jogi ji) for another film, so while casting for this film, the tape of that audition came up. Arshad (writer & director of SKSH) was familiar with my work and he showed intent to cast me. They called me for a meeting then, Arshad narrated the script to me and I Said Yes. As for Shoojit sir, I don’t know if he’s seen any of my work but the whole team showed a lot of confidence in me, which was heartening.
What made you feel that this is the perfect movie for you since it has big stars like John Abraham?
I think I’ll be making wrong choices if I choose keeping my co-actors in my mind; I just worry about my part. And by the way, John Abraham is playing a cameo in the film; his bigger role is as a producer.
How was your chemistry with John Abraham, did you feel uncomfortable at any point?
It was really nice shooting with him. Uncomfortable, Not at all! He doesn't look like the kind’s who’ll make you feel uncomfortable.
How was working with Harshavardhan Rane who is playing an equally important role as a hero since it is a two hero movie?
Harsh is an absolute darling and a very talented guy. He has immense respect for his work, his privacy and people. He doesn't go around making friends with everyone but never will you see him disrespect people and I like that!
Tell us something about Sapna Pabbi, how did you two gel along during the shoot?
Sapna is an actor who’s always worried about doing her scenes right. If there’s something she doesn't understand, she’ll question it again and again until she finds out why that’s being done. Both of us got a long fine, she’s very sweet and apologetic. She constantly asked me if there was something I wanted her to do during the scenes, that’d make me comfortable!
How has been the transformation from small screen to the big screen for you? Is there any one thing which you miss about Television?
I miss my friends from television.
In 'Satra Ko Shaadi Hai', hero-heroine meet on the matrimonial website, do you believe in marriages like these or you believe in love marriage like yours?
It doesn't matter if I believe in them or no. They’re happening out there, that means there are people that believe in such arrangements and that’s what matters.
Indian weddings are too hyped and expensive, do you think it is necessary to spend so much just to show your status in the society?
We can’t comment on why people do it, I’m sure different people do it for different reasons. I personally think that people should spend more time and money on their marriages instead of weddings.
As a Bollywood hero, what do you think are the qualities one should have to succeed since the competition is too tough now as many TV stars are venturing into this industry?
You can’t change what time has in store for you as the only constant that I’ve known is change. Other than that, I think being yourself helps.
Your movie 'Main aur Mr. Right' is still not released, what is the issue with the movie?
No comments.
Tell us something about your role in '22 Yards', what kind of look do you have in that?
It’s based on the life of a cricket agent and a cricketer with the cricket industry as the background. I have 2 looks that I have to maintain in that film.
You once said that you will not do any intimate scenes, do you still stick to your words?
I have no idea when I said that, considering that I've done so many already.
What do you do to unwind yourself?
Watch films, Play football, listen to music, etc.
What is Barun’s prized possession?
People tell me that it’s my eyes.
What are your next projects?
Right now, only '22 yards'.
Any plan to come back to Television? Will you like to work with Sanaya Irani again if offered a role as you both are audience’s favorite couple?
The content has to be good, medium doesn't matter to me. I’d want to work with Sanaya because she’s a great friend more than I’d like to work with her because it’s a safe bet!
How do you handle pressure from fans to satisfy their demands?
Luckily, the whole lot that likes me doesn't have a lot demands!
You have tremendous fan base, how do you feel about it?
I can’t feel anything else but great.
One message for your fans
You surprise me!


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