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Monday, 27 July 2015

Exclusive- Barun Sobti talks about his films, Salman, John, Television TALKING MOVIEZ.COM December 8, 2014

Main Aur Mr Riight actor Barun Sobti in an exclusive interview with us spoke about the film, Salman Khan, John Abraham, his plans to venture back into television and lots more. Have a look-
1. The trailer of the film looks very interesting but again it looks similar to many romantic comedies which have come out from Bollywood. So what is one thing which makes Main Aur Mr Riight different from all other romantic comedies?
Barun-  My friends who have seen the promo have said the same thing i.e. it is a romantic comedy which we all have seen but it looks to be a fun ride. A romantic comedy has to revolve around love but what can be different are the comic scenes. So fresh approach to the film and the fact that director is just 24 years old makes the film different.
2. You play a Salman Khan fan in the film, so how much do you admire him in your real life?
Barun- You get to read about Salman Khan a lot in the news papers and whatever I have read apart from the mistakes happened, things which might have happened with him happens with all of us as we are all humans. I really admire him for the fact that he is very helpful to other people and the fact that he has taken the act of helping people to another level. I really admire people like him and I want to be like him. I love doing things for people and for that sense I will be very happy if I get to reach the position he is at now.
3. This is a romantic comedy, so which kind of films would love like to do in the future?
Barun- Yaar I love doing intense role. There is a film I am working on that is 22 yards and that is a very intense film. Such roles give you a lot of scope to perform without going wrong. Comedy is one of the most difficult genre as it is very difficult to make people laugh. In intense roles, it is okay if people don’t cry with you but you feel bad if people don’t laugh on your jokes. Personally I love doing intense roles.
4. Would you like to venture back into television?
Barun- I am not going to do any daily soaps. I will change my profession and will sell milk but I wont do any daily soaps. The reason is you can’t have new ideas everyday and there are enormous working hours. You become rain dead and there is no time for family. I think daily show is a strong no right now. It limits ones scope of acting.
5. Would you like to host a reality show?
Barun- I would like to do a weekly show something on the lines of Anil Kapoor’s 24 and I will still like to wait for that as Indian audience is still new to such kind of shows.
6. How different is it working in a film and on television?

Barun- Well it is very different. The producers while doing a television show give a stipulated budget beyond which the director cannot go and same is not the scenario with films. A directors vision on television is restricted so we can’t judge their talent. Everyone is different and has a different style of working. Films to have their own budget but that is fixed taking into consideration how much they are expecting the film to earn.
7. Bollywood directors like Ashutosh Gowariker and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are venturing into direction on television so would you like to work with them if give a chance to?
Barun – With all due respect, I don’t have anything against the daily shows but I don’t have the capacity to work in a daily show any more. Even if I do a daily show now forcefully, I will look for other options after a year. I have gone through a phase when I wanted not to do a daily show as I was too bored doing it.
8. What are your expectations from the film?
Barun- I don’t want to reach out to everyone but whomever I reach out to I want him to remember me.
9. Could you tell us about your next film with John Abraham Productions?
Barun- The film is in post production stage and it is in the final stages of the edit. We are preparing the final cut. I have seen some rushes and it is looking fantastic. The DOP has done a very good job, he is a national award winner. The writer and director too have done a very good job and actors are in a very good space in this film. The film looks good and it is a situational comedy. It is a ensemble film of 52 people. The film should be out in early next year.
10. How was it interacting with John Abraham?
Barun- John is not a kind of person who will give you tips. He is a very cool guy and he is more interested about serious topics or he is interested in jokes. He is a very nice guy and I have shot with him for one night and he is a nice guy.
11. Many actors in Bollywood believe in rewards than the awards and you yourself have won many awards for television, so what is your take on that?
Barun- I think the awards are very unfair. You can’t just choose one best guy as it is impossible. Awards can’t be based on objectivity but they have to be subjective. I wish there was a better way but we don’t have any other option


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