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Monday, 27 July 2015

Special short film of Barun Sobti about saving water

Special short film of Barun Sobti about saving water .

Dry dreams!!!! That is the name of the new short film project made by Hanish Kalia starring the gorgeous Kritika Kamra and the handsome Barun Sobti. The movie is made on the importance of saving water and both the stars are shining their very best even if Barun’s hair are flying haywire! Tune into the video and check out the “waterless sizzle”.
Save water people or you may end up drinking blood! That is the concept behind the short film “Dry dreams” starring Barun Sobti and Kritika Kamra. The film starts with Kritika teaching her younger brother not to waste water. Barun with a shaggy but swanky look observes the shouting and keeps thinking about it when he walks back into his room. He enters his bathroom and turns on the taps to freshen himself up. He carelessly leaves all the taps open and throws himself down on the bed. He lazes and suddenly the bell rings. He is shockingly surprised to see Kritika stand outside the door asking for a glass of water for her little brother who is thirsty.

He rushes at the opportunity to make friends with Kritika and starts to go for the water. He keeps rummaging around in his house but is unable to unearth a single drop of water. Daunting dryness shocks Barun. Then people it's time you tune in to see the video to see what happens.
Barun’s "ruffled and strong physiqued" peek after a long time is welcome and Kritika shines her best. Barun has been hidden behind the Bollywood cameras for quite a while. He had taken off for "Bollywood acting" in the middle of a very successful television foray in "Iss Pyar ko kya naam doon". The people were shocked to see their favorite "Arnav Singh Raizada" walk off leaving their emotions in the lurch. You want to see him again, Just take a look and let the video shock you crazy!


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